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Monday, February 1, 2010

1st Step to Move

Salam everyone =)
feeling unwell today.. not physically but mentally...hahaha this is because i did not perform well while doing the presentation for my current project status..still feel nervous + a little shaky..(-_-")

where is my spirit? i'm totally lost...my level of confidence when dealing with someone decreasing day by day...huahuahua someone please help me...show me the way..:(

but i believe practice makes perfect...lets today they laugh at me..(not so sure whether they laugh at me actually hehehe)..but i promise after this i will improve my soft skill..

this is the advice from my GM after our internal meeting "Engineer should not good in technical part only, but they should good in management part also...because someday they have to be manager"

there is another advice from her that i thought related to me..so from her advice, Today i take one step to move..isn't it...:D


marspisc@kcik said...

dont lets today's dissappointed shadow the tomorrow.

Siti Mas Hidayu said...

marspisc@kcik... yeay you are rite ...Thanks :D

Antara Gadis (^_^) said...

go go ayu go! ayu can do it!!!

Siti Mas Hidayu said...

yeay mama kadi komen...hehehe thanks ma ;)


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