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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Selamat Malam

Salam and good evening All

I just want to write something that can be share with all of you... hehehehe
anyway, i'm so lazy to work tomorrow.. it is common thing when the day is Monday rite? (-_-')

heaw heaw heaw...

Thruthly speaking, i 'am always got the info that i want from the internet..but I'm a little surprise because for this "matter" , i can't found anything info even i'm google it? how come ar.. ishk2..but that small matter...juzt forget it..;)

For the CNY holiday, I will be in Kedah or more specific in Sue 's places. InsyaAllah if nothing happened, hopefully, kaki my mum ok la that time, so we can go there together according to the initial plan...

k la.. thats all for today.. gud nite (*_*)v


Si Pemburu Bintang said...

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