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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Urgent Info !!!

Dear All,

 Just Got email from Safety department.

 Hi all,
 Good morning to all. As seen on TV this morning on CNA (Channel News Asia) which is blocked in Malaysia TV, there is a syndicate of men/s in KL for the last 24hours stabbing and robbing their victims in broad daylight and crowded places. The 1st incident was yesterday at around 4pm in Puduraya as the girl was getting on a bus back to Ipoh, as she was going up the guy was coming down and of sudden she was stab but survive, she was rob only. Next incident at 5.30pm in Low Yat going across to Berjaya Time Square two girls after work heading to Berjaya from Low Yat one of them were stab and rob apparently she died from her injuries the other was not however harm. 3rd incident was in KLCC at 6.30pm another girl was stab and killed while she was heading to her car after work, as the CCTV showed the killer could only been seen from the back, it seem that he studied the place before committing the crime. All this happen in a day with 1 hour apart from each other and suspected the same person. Some of the shopping complex has ordered to close or step up security. Please to all my fellow ladies colleagues, again please ensure your surroundings and watch your step in crowded places. They one your money but also they do not you to identify them as they are not covered with mask. So please very careful. They have speculated that the person might be in Selangor and some of the shopping complex is on high alert. Precautions at Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley, One U and Subang Parade. Thanks for your time. Regards and be safe,

Julian Chia

so korang berhati hati yer..



onedurrani said...

Ish2....risaunye ayu...makin xslmt dh kan...


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