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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Selamat Malam

Salam and good evening All

I just want to write something that can be share with all of you... hehehehe
anyway, i'm so lazy to work tomorrow.. it is common thing when the day is Monday rite? (-_-')

heaw heaw heaw...

Thruthly speaking, i 'am always got the info that i want from the internet..but I'm a little surprise because for this "matter" , i can't found anything info even i'm google it? how come ar.. ishk2..but that small matter...juzt forget it..;)

For the CNY holiday, I will be in Kedah or more specific in Sue 's places. InsyaAllah if nothing happened, hopefully, kaki my mum ok la that time, so we can go there together according to the initial plan...

k la.. thats all for today.. gud nite (*_*)v

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


salam All, juz know this contest from Mrs. Hafiz 's blog ...hehe below is the rule of the contest :-

syarat2 yang kne dipatuhi...hehe

  • gambar mestilah gambar korang dgn mmber2 korang.xkesah la brpe org pun tp jgn r smpai 1clas plak...hehe (nnti dh mcm classmate contest plak)
  • paling penting msti original ok,jgn copy kt tenet plak....klu nk edit2 pun suke ati la tp msti menampakkn "FRIENDSHIP" tu.
  • hah!!! lg 1 plz la letak banner kt atas ni ye kt blog korang,bleh mempopularkan cik mar&kwn2 !!!hahaha (sengal je bunyi) xtually tuk meramaikn blogger tuk join,senang ckit nmpk.
  • pastu klu nk follow blog cik mar ni, follow la.tiada paksaan ok. tuk memudahkan korang tau keputusan & persaingannye nnti better r follow,senang nk tau any progress about this contest.

For further info for this contest, juz click the contest banner above yer...hehehe

so this is the pic that i taruhkan ok, hope you like it cik Mar ;)

description of the pic :
Model : from left zaza, mama,dye,nana,wawa,wawang,syasya n yuyu ;)
Date : 30/8/2008
venue: near to main stair IIUM
" friendship forever, miss and love u all.."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Am I too Bad ?

Salam and good evening to all,

i try to forget about yesterday...but i can't...why ar?? argh tension sey....

Am i too bad? the past can't be changed ayu, but the future is still on your power...
you have to believe in yourself.

Alrite..i dont want to talk about yesterday again (-_-")

Today is 2/2/2010.. my Father birthday..

To Ayah( En. Ab Gapor b. Mohamad), happy birthday, sweet-63,I wish I can be your good daughter and may Allah bless you..Amin

a lots of love from akak

Monday, February 1, 2010

1st Step to Move

Salam everyone =)
feeling unwell today.. not physically but mentally...hahaha this is because i did not perform well while doing the presentation for my current project status..still feel nervous + a little shaky..(-_-")

where is my spirit? i'm totally lost...my level of confidence when dealing with someone decreasing day by day...huahuahua someone please help me...show me the way..:(

but i believe practice makes perfect...lets today they laugh at me..(not so sure whether they laugh at me actually hehehe)..but i promise after this i will improve my soft skill..

this is the advice from my GM after our internal meeting "Engineer should not good in technical part only, but they should good in management part also...because someday they have to be manager"

there is another advice from her that i thought related to me..so from her advice, Today i take one step to move..isn't it...:D

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